Note of Intention (extracts).

As creatives we become directly involved in and by the world around us. Our artistic stands can only be surrounded by modernity and technologies.

We are not comming on the stage to walk on beaten tracks, but to do pioneer work on the new artistic roads of the third millennium.

All the audiovisual or computing means that we will use will be our allies to establish a free art, without impediments a new art who will finish with a theatre without any great enthusiasm, or artistic facilities of fashionable happenings for some selected initiates.

We want to invent a living art, an art in perpetual search and revolution, a stage art more radical, an art going to the people, with them not without them. Facility of cheap esthetic has nothing to do with us.

For the triumph of this art, we are ready to let our souls and hearts explose in the machines and in the power cables, because when souls explose, wherever it may be, we can feel Life flutter...

Conception and Realization TEKNO KOMANDO - January 2002- All rights reserved.