General Presentation of the Show:

At first it was the meeting in January 1999 of some persons during the realization of multimedia projects, through activities of CONQUISTADORES (Multimedia Authors Workshop). In this bubbling of ideas and energies, relations were formed, ideas appeared, desires of working together on others projects more concrete.

INTERIEUR-EXTERIEUR is a show speaking about comunication between four persons. This show deals with relation of people between them and with their environment. Interactivity with the public and new multimedia technologies are the strong point and the principal form..

The human size depend on the work of the actors and on the contemporary dance.

Interaction exists in the composition of the scenes, in the work of performers with sound and picture, but it's not the purpose of this show.

INTERIEUR-EXTERIEUR drags the spectator in a great magic unrealizable without the meeting of all these means.

Conception and Realization TEKNO KOMANDO - January 2002 - All rights reserved.