What will happenned ? :

Four personages are going to reach our own bloom and awakening.

They are going to transcend their small condition to enter in times of liberty. So they will come closer.

Before arriving to this point, they will go out of the inner worlds, break barriers, open windows to the other. Their exacerbate feelings will broke the wall of speach and will force them to be themselves.

They will be helped in this quest by 'the Angels' who will weave links and throw bridges between dark worlds of imprisonment and freedom who wants to gush in profusion.

It's not 'new-age' cliches but an universal theme about spirituality and relation of man in his world.

Technically three video sources (two cameras in the theatre and pictures pre-recorded) are mixed and transmitted live on a screen. Actors and dancers play with pictures and sounds. Technical part is an enter part of the show.

Conception and Realization TEKNO KOMANDO - January 2002 - All rights reserved.