Authors :

Chloé Boulesteix is student. She took part in theatre and dance workshops. She has created her own choreography presented in Angouleme in June 1999 and May 2000. She collaborates to activities of CONQUISTADORES.

Jean-François Ruiz-Cuevas works on computers. He has worked as director and scenograph on theatral creations in Mexico and France. Passionate by multimedia and new technologies, he tries to realize artistic shows with new technologies of creation, mixing actors, video, pictures, sound and musical tapes, and interactivity with public.

They decided to join their competences to invent a show with contemporary dance, theatre and technologies.

Acteurs :

Albane de CHALAIN : - July of1999 : DIRECTOR ASSISTANT on a feature film: “LE VOL DU PAPILLON”. - 1998 - 99 : DIRECTOR ASSISTANT OF L’OEIL THEATRE/ LA LUCARNE on his show ‘BRELAN D’AS’. Many shows since 1990 as actor: - April 1999 : ‘LES SONDERLING’ of Robert Merle. - February 1998 : ‘LA SOUILLE’ of Franz-Olivier Giesbert. - 1994 : Show ‘URGENT, PARLER’, Tafurs Company. Others pieces between 1990 and 1998 : - ‘Antigone’ Anouilh. - ‘Dieux’ of Woody Allen. - ‘Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme” Moliere. - ‘Le Roman de Renard ‘ - Some pieces for children.

Floréal BARCELO : - October 1996 : LA BARAQUE DES PHENOMENES & Freaks Barnum. last Autumn Festival. 'Gai Savoir !!! Theatre'. SIGMA. - June 1997 : DECADENCE CABARET, 'Gai Savoir !!! Theatre'. Artisse Center. - September 1995 : HOMMAGE A BRASSENS. Litoral Theatre in Sete, La Kompanoj Company (Compagnons). - 1997 : KOMUNO KANTANTE (La Commune en chantant), Limoges, Cenon.. With La Kompanoj Company (Les Compagnons). - November 1998 : ZARATHOUSTRA, Read Theatre. 'LOeil La Lucarne' .- Workshops.

Gaêl DADOUN : His actor talents have been improved during 7 years of theatrical practice (3 years of workshop). At the present time, he is student in psychology university. He has been involved in more than twenty pieces between 1996 and 2000. He worked too in television movies in 1996 and in a second rule in 'Les Moissons de l'Ocean' in 1997. In theatre he worked with J.P. Terracol, M. Theboeuf, C.A Gonthie, D.Villate, between others.

Martine GARCIA : Professional formation MIKADO - (Singing dance theatre pedagogy) 1996. - October 1996 : LA BARAQUE DES PHENOMENES (M.Allemandou) Freaks Barnum (Sigma Festival) - 1997 : DECADENCE CABARET (M. Allemandou). Works on some theatre workshops.

Dancers :

Jonathan CHIBOIS

Séverine FRUGIER

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