Scenography - Video - Sound - Partners

Video and sound are two languages as text comming from the actors and movments of the dancers. The subtle mix of these differents languages forms this multimedia workshop.

We want to use all means of expression of our age, not in free way but to serve completely the human dimension of this show.

Scenography : The stage is pratically empty. Some wooden palettes prompt side, one meter hight. Some wooden palettes on the other side, one meter twenty hight. A big screen in the distance. Four manikins are on the stage, surrounded by candles.

Video : Two cameras mooving between stage and auditorium. Pictures are mixed directly with pre-recorded video. Video is a additional actor in this creation.

The differents parts of video are preapared by ACIS in Gueret, France.

Sound : Music and sound is an original creation of Nicolas CONGE, musician and et sound creative living in Angoulême. There are eight musical compositions for choreographies and sound tapes for the show. Nicolas CONGE has worked for theatre, audio-visual and multimedia.

Pictures : Pictures comming from : Philippe GINDRE, Elsa RAYMOND, et Jean-François RUIZ-CUEVAS, NOKOS.

Technical and financial partners : CONQUISTADORES (Multimedia Authors Workshop) is in charge with all technical preparation. CONQUISTADORES is subsidizedby the Poitou-Charentes Regional Council in Poitiers and Charente General Coucil in Angouleme.

Conception and Realization TEKNO KOMANDO - January 2002 - All rights reserved.