Argument :

In a country haunted by dictatorship, and after the last street demonstration, the demonic M. Loyal come to present the great rebels parade.

There is a succession of rebels on stage. Each one come with his words. A TV team try to cover the event and realize some interviews.

Slowly situation is deteriorating. The 'Social Complications Catalogue ' is the last straw. The parade turn out badly. The insurgents rise up, 'puppets' revolt.

Dancers-rebels occupy theatre. One more time there are rumblings of rebellion.

In the jungle guerrilla give a press conference and answer to audience and journalists.

M. Loyal don't control situation, need of change is too strong. TV team join the mooving revolution. Dictatorship system is completly collapsing with street poetry and shouts of joy.

M. Loyal is captured, judged, sentended and executed.

Dictatorship out, Liberation Dance is the full stop of the show.

Conception and Realization TEKNO KOMANDO - January 2002 - All rights reserved.