Intention :

In theses times of global and institutionalized formatting, it is imperative to wake up the revolts sleeping in every one.

It is not the role of TEKNO KOMANDO to go down in streets to burn cars or break shop windows. The only thing we know is to invent shows...

Treating about REVOLTS we want to make a hymn to liberty, to liberation, to the subtle art of breaking chains and hindrances, dictatorships and tyranny.

REVOLTES is a committed show, far from usual consensus and surrounding sweatiness, at the opposite of too much shows, warm and annoying, real lethal injections, magnificient odes in praise of Boredom and Soporific.

REVOLTES include actors, dancers, virtual sceneries, video teams on stage and in auditorium, live music and lot of actions with ‘live’ music and actions with participation of the audience.

With this second opus, TEKNO KOMANDO wants to continue mixing human size and technology, for writting new shows of experimental multimedia, third millenary poestry.

Conception and Realization TEKNO KOMANDO - January 2002 - All rights reserved.