Characters :

- M. Loyal, presenter of the rebels parade. With a Prince of Darkness face, he is the absolute power.

- A young anarchist : She wants to revolutionize the world and make a better society.

- Three anti-globalization rebels, comming directly from Seattle, Göteborg or Genoa...

- A revolutionary leader. It is a stereotype of revolutionary, with beard and combat uniform. He throws out from the deep jungle passionate slogans against dictatorship.

- Joan of Arc. Young rebel, she fights against Inquisition and dictatorship. She travels through times and come to show us that revolts are eternal.

- An angry man, agaisnt all the society, his family, his boss, everybody…

- A rebel writter. His texts are ofter forbidden by dictatorship but he is still shouting his wihs of a better world.

- A boosted trade unionist.

- 4 guerilla members. They carry arms, speak with audience, intervene in the audience, carry flags or distribute tracts.

- A dancers-rebels team. They represent revolt, invent choreographies, take part in all the show. They are demonstrators, activists, guerilla in the jungle, or people who will judge M. Loyal..

- Two reporters and two cameramen. They will cover the events, realize reports and make interviews in live

- Crowd, , audience, you and us...

Conception and Realization TEKNO KOMANDO - January 2002 - All rights reserved.